What we do....

Whether YOUR business requires emergency door repairs, glass replacement or improving an existing storefront, OUR TEAM can help.

Business Services and Repairs:

  • Door Maintenance – Closers, pivots, thresholds and other hardware

  • Storefront Adjustments or Remodel

  • Repair or Replace all types of glass products including: Doors, windows, mirrors, and table tops

  • All types of Specialty Glass: Safety, fire resistant, bullet resistant, sneeze guards, and x-ray

  • Plastics – Lexan & Plexiglass and other specialty resin panels

  • 24 Hour Commercial emergency service and board up

  • COVID Related Safety Products

We make YOUR service calls OUR top priority.

If YOUR business’s entry doors are misaligned, closing too fast or too slow, leaking, difficult to lock, or damaged, OUR TEAM can repair or replace them.

For more information, please call:

(803) 714-9680